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Group Rules!

:star: No mature content, please. This includes inappropriate language and suggestive works, though shipping is okay in moderation
:star: Main subject of art should be Chrysalis, with color and/or shading preferred!
:star: please, only submit finished art! No WIPs!
:star: Art should be made by you: no screenshots, please!
:star: Artwork MUST include Chrysalis in her true form (at least one part of her)


:star: ART
-Art should be made by YOU, no screenshots, please! On this note, please also avoid simply copying & pasting vectors into a background unless you created most of the art!
While this is a group for a character from a TV show, we like art, not something you just took a picture of. Time and effort do make a difference in the quality of artwork, and we like to see quality.
-Lineart is allowed
-We like color very much
While lineart is allowed, the more color the better. Understood, Chrysalis is black, but her wings, mane/tail, and background (if any) should try to have color or at least shading.
-Images MUST include Chrysalis in her true form

-Please, no suggestive artwork
-Shipping is allowed, but please limit sexual suggestions
-Try to avoid mature language
Younger MLP audience members will visit this group. If we have mature things in our gallery, we'd be charged with poisoning an innocent mind. In addition, some of the older audiencees may not be comfortable with seeing art and ponies put into a humanoid, mature context.

-Please respect everypony
-Be nice, friendly, and courteous
Just follow the Golden Rule, and you can do no wrong! We want everypony to feel welcome and appreciated when they're around our group, and we need your help to accomplish that.

-If you have a problem, question, or comment please feel free to leave it on our page or message an admin!
-Group founded by Cqal
-Group management falconstreaker and fanime456
Our Admin are here to help! Try to message the founder or co-founders for technical glitches and artwork approval, but everything (including those) can be posted on the group page in a comment.

Thanks for visiting and reading!
Please enjoy your time here at Chrysalis-fc


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May I join? ^-^
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Yessz pleaszze and thank you!
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No problem ^-^ but I'm on the app ;-;
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Oh itsszz okay
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Thought you might like this…
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Vote for Chrysalis:
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Vote for Chrysalis and Lightning Dust.

MagicMan001 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Hey everyone, today's your last chance to vote for Chrysalis as the next cutout on the Hub website: [link]
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I love queen chrysalis!
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